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Hormone Imbalance in Women

Hormones are a vital part of your endocrine system, a network of glands and organs that help to keep your body running smoothly. Together, they're responsible for nearly every function in your body. When your hormones become imbalanced in some way, even just a little, it causes any number of different health issues. Women can start to feel hormone loss as soon as their early 20’s, simply due to factors as common as natural aging, childbirth, and general stress. 

Common Symptoms

Hot Flashes

A sudden feeling of upper body warmth, especially across the face, neck, and chest. Hot flashes can also cause blushing redness or sweating.

Mood Swings

Sudden, often unexplainable changes in your mood or emotional state


A persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest in daily life, which can interfere with your ability to function


Intense & persistent fear about everyday situations. Can include accelerated heart rate/breathing, sweating, & exhaustion.

Low Sex Drive

A decreased interest in sexual activity for prolonged periods of time

Painful Intercourse

Persistent pain or discomfort during sexual activity

Poor Focus / Forgetful

Inability to focus on daily tasks, general forgetfulness

Afraid to Leave the House

Fear of what might happen if you step outside your door

Body and Joint Pain

Constant pain or discomfort, throughout the body or concentrated in the joints


Sometimes unexplainable grumpiness or emotional irritation with daily life


Prolonged itchiness or discomfort

Chronic Fatigue

Persistent, sometimes intense feelings of tiredness or exhaustion, no matter how much you sleep


Hormonal imbalances aren’t caused by just one thing, but by a combo of both internal and external factors. Some of these factors are within your control—but many aren’t! This can include things like age, a diet high in processed foods, a sedentary lifestyle, high stress levels, genetic disposition (imbalance that runs in the family), exposure to toxins in your environment, or surgeries that affect one or more of the organs and glands in the endocrine system. 

Treatment Options

The symptoms of Menopause and how they affect your daily life shouldn’t be dramatic! No matter where you are at in your hormone balancing journey, we’re here to help. MedStudio helps to restore and rebalance your hormones so you can feel better and love life again℠

Testosterone Therapy - TRT

For Men - your natural levels of testosterone gets out of balance as you age. Learn More

Sexual Wellness

Simple, discreet, non-invasive treatments to help you to rebalance and regain your comfort—and your confidence. Learn More

DUTCH Testing

In addition to DUTCH hormone testing, we offer labs for micronutrients, food sensitivities, gut health, and more. Learn More

Weight Loss

Advanced, supportive protocols to help you lose weight safely—and quickly! Learn More

IV Nutrition - VitaminDrip®

Quickly delivers micronutrients to speed up recovery from illness, treat pain, and combat imbalance. Learn More

LDN Therapy

A safe, effective support for the immune system when dealing with immune and nervous system disorders. Learn More


A virtually painless facial and skin treatment to combat the effects of acne and aging. Learn More
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