MEN – Be Better, Stronger, Faster!

Low testosterone – aka “Low T” affects men at an earlier age than it used to. Often joked about as the “mid life crisis” or “manopause” – the reality is that our hormone levels typically drop 1-2% every year.  This means that by the time we’ve reach our 40’s, we’ve have lost almost half of their hormones.

In medical terms – Low T is often called andropause, something similar to menopause that affects women. But no one wants to talk about it. Stuff happens and events like chronic stress, loss of a job, kids going off to college, and major life events often directly impact testosterone levels in men.

Over time many men feel changes, both physical and mental in their body. Some common symptoms include:

  • Trouble making decisions – brain fog
  • Feeling of “I’ve lost my edge” and “I’ve lost my mojo”
  • Loss of muscle tone, decreased strength and stamina
  • Mood Swings, depression and decreased confidence
  • Loss of sex drive and erectile dysfunction