What to Expect (with Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy)

By MedStudio Staff

Natural hormones (or Bio-Identical) when seen under a microscope in a lab look the same as hormones made by your body. (and yes, your body does see them exactly just like the ones it makes on its own!)

Natural hormones are made at a compounding pharmacy which produces pellets that are custom made to a specific dosage or range for that type of hormone. The pellets are typically the size of a grain or rice…sometimes even smaller! (Example would be a 50 mg Testosterone pellet, or a 3 mg Estrogen pellet.) 

Re-balancing your hormones with natural hormone therapy takes time. Usually we say it takes 3 months (3 months = 1 cycle or 90 days) until you are feeling better. Sometimes it takes more than one cycle to get you back to feeling your best.

You come in for a lab visit and your hormones are tested periodically over the course of your cycle. You’ll have a regular symptom tracker that shows your progress (just like you’d use a food diary to track how you feel after you eat.) Our staff listens to your feedback so you can get the best results. We want you to feel better!

Keep in mind during your cycle, it’s possible your hormones might still be out of balance and may cause side effects. (Sometimes, they seem just like the symptoms you’re trying to get relief** from.)

Trust me, we’ve all been there, done that before. And always remember – we are here for you every step of the way. It’s your health, your choice, your journey…

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