Advanced Fat Loss

Advanced Weight Loss Program

At Med Studio, we get it. The grind of workouts, the hassle of diets, the constant fatigue, and stress. We know how frustrating it can be fighting stubborn weight gain.

But hey, take a breath. We've got your back. Our approach is all about helping you reclaim your vigor.

You're not going through this alone. Let's team up to help you rediscover your inner resilience and light that fire within you once more. Because, buddy, you're a powerhouse – and it's high time you owned it again.

Mens Weight loss,  Minneapolis, MN

The Advanced Weight Loss program is organized into 3 phases:

1) Steady Fat Loss : Begins with lab work, medical evaluation, prescription(s) that may include Semaglutide

2) Restore and Rebalance

3) Lifestyle for Success

These phases include an exam and evaluation with a licensed medical provider and nutritional and diet training using real food. Weekly appointments with staff, including Semaglutide injections.

Programs start at $299/week.