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Feel seen and heard

You are not alone.

We get that. You have questions. We're here to find the root cause of your symptoms. At MedStudio, we're not offering a one-size-fits-all solution; we're sculpting a personalized roadmap to optimal health tailored uniquely to you.

Common Symptoms

Fatigue or Loss of Energy

Low Libido or Dry Vagina

Anxiety or Depression

Hot Flashes or Night Sweats

Facial Hair Growth or Thinning Hair

Irregular or Painful Periods

Mood Swings or Irritability 

Skin Problems (Acne, Itchy Skin)

Joint or Body Aches

Poor Focus or Memory Lapses

Restless Leg Syndrome

Painful Intercourse

Heart Palpitations


...we can help


People come to us because they're not just seeking treatment; they're yearning to reclaim their sense of self and vitality. They're tired of feeling like their concerns are brushed aside by traditional healthcare providers who fail to truly listen. At MedStudio, we're here to change that narrative. We're dedicated to hearing our patients' stories, understanding their struggles, and partnering with them on a path toward genuine wellness and empowerment.

How does it work?

MedStudio begins by surpassing standard blood tests, and diving deep into the blood chemistry analysis of 75+ biomarkers. This comprehensive method offers our providers an intimate look into your body's inner workings. It's akin to lifting the hood of your health, unveiling any concealed imbalances or potential risks before they escalate into major concerns.

We address complex health issues holistically, identifying root causes and restoring balance through Functional & Integrative Medicine's comprehensive approach. Our practitioners prioritize understanding each individual's unique needs to promote lasting well-being without relying solely on symptom management or pharmaceutical interventions.To get started, we offer a free consultation to review your symptoms and how we can help. You can click below to schedule or call 952-807-0415.


Very professional program. Trustworthy staff looking to find best possible results.


Better Sleep. Less Fatigue. Minimal Hot Flashes. Increased Sex Drive.


Caring people delivering solutions.


It is a one stop shop for hormonal health. I love that I found their help. It truly makes me a better person because I feel so good.


When I first came in it was for ED. Through their help it has become a journey of becoming a more athletic/fit person who enjoys life.


It helps in the bedroom.


First time in two years with no hot flashes and night sweats. 

S. F.**

Because I am finally feeling good after years of blah menopause :(

Everyone here is great and I look forward to my appointments.


Everyone is friendly & gives great advice to help me feel my best!


The staff is always friendly and accommodating.