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Provided answers and validation for my concerns and symptoms. I feel "heard" and not pushed off with "I dunno" and "we'll look into that next time."

M. P.**
April 10, 2024

I feel respected & heard.

H. S.**
March 22, 2024

I have an appointment every 2-3 months to check on my well-being & my blood work. They care how you feel. You can send an email or call with questions & they actually reply. Very nice!

J. E.**
March 20, 2024

They listen. The staff at MedStudio really listen and provide suggestions backed by data and make adjustments regularly & timely. 

J. C.**
March 14, 2024

Better sleep. Better sex.

K. J.**
March 8, 2024

Really helping to get answers. Staff is great to work with. Atmosphere is very welcoming. 

K. W.**
March 7, 2024

MedStudio has made me feel so much better - emotionally and physically. I can sleep so much better and that alone makes everything better! Thank you everyone at MedStudio!

J. W.**
March 6, 2024

Helps in the bedroom.

K. K.**
March 4, 2024

Listen to you and not just look at labs to see if on the correct dosages.

T. D.**
February 29, 2024

Everyone here is great! They help me feel my best during these difficult menopausal years.

J. K.**
February 28, 2024

Got a lot of me back: clearer focus, enjoying intimacy.

J. C.**
February 26, 2024

I feel like I'm 35 again! Thanks MedStudio.

L. H.**
February 21, 2024