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D. M.**
April 28, 2022

They help me feel my best!

J. K.**
April 27, 2022

The bioidentical hormones are amazing!

S. E.**
April 27, 2022

I’ve never felt more balanced in all of my adult life. My hormones have always plagued me since I was 18 years old. I started at MedStudio when I was 48 and have never felt better! 

K. M.**
April 26, 2022

So far it has helped me feel more balanced, more energy and more at peace overall. 

S. S.**
April 26, 2022

I notice the improved changes even within the 1st month. I am excited to stay and improve this journey. The staff are so attentive and they make you feel special & not alone. It’s so refreshing!

S. P.**
April 19, 2022

Great results and excellent service!

L. S.**
April 19, 2022

The Femiwave® has changed my life for the better. I had 2 traumatic births with 3rd-degree tears. I had trouble with bladder control and had painful intercourse with my husband. After the first session, I could immediately see improvements. Sex wasn’t painful because my body was creating lubrication again. After my final session, sex has been more pleasurable for me (which my husband loves!) And I no longer worry about the what-ifs? When I sneeze, laugh, or any other activity that worried me before. Emily was there to help me through all my questions and helped me get to a better place. 

B. S.**
April 18, 2022

They are very attentive this far. I am at the beginning of my journey. 

D. S.**
April 18, 2022

I look forward to coming to my appointments at MedStudio. It is truly an atmosphere and environment where I can be myself and better myself. 

V. R.**
March 23, 2022

The staff is very friendly and helpful. I have been going to MedStudio for almost a year and have noticed a huge difference in the way I feel. My sex drive is back, my overall well being is very good. I feel good and when I wake up, I can sleep without disturbances – I’m refreshed. Thank you MedStudio! 

M. T.**
March 11, 2022

Feeling heard with great communication. Having people care about you and not just the numbers.

D. C.**
March 10, 2022