Male Menopause — Is It Real?

September 27, 2021

Men and women both undergo menopause, and if signs of male menopause arise, testosterone therapy might be a recommended treatment -- learn more Women going through menopause often experience symptoms of mood swings and hot flashes. But as men age will they experience similar symptoms? Is male menopause actually a real thing? Male menopause, otherwise known as andropause or late-onset hypogonadism, is a real health condition. Older men undergoing male menopause will experience a set of symptoms linked to declining levels of testosterone as well as the hormone androgen, thus the reason it is called andropause. Not every man will experience male menopause but, for those that do, the symptoms, many of which are the same as female menopause can have a significant effect. Some of the more common symptoms are weight gain, irritability, problems sleeping, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction (ED), fatigue, depression, and loss of muscle mass. Some even have hot flashes. It’s important to note that many of the symptoms may have nothing to do with low testosterone because other conditions will display the same symptoms.

Why Do Levels of Testosterone Decline?

The hormone testosterone is central to the development of male sexual characteristics in young men; body hair, a deeper voice, muscle mass. So it’s normal for older men to experience a decline in levels as they age. Around the age of 40, testosterone levels generally decline 1% every year. These levels can drop off more quickly if the individual is affected by diabetes, obesity, chronic disease, or medication use. Compared to what women experience during menopause, a sudden nosedive of hormones, symptoms of declining testosterone are much more gradual.

Male Menopause Symptoms

It’s possible for male menopause to be characterized by unusually low levels of testosterone. Other symptoms that might indicate male menopause include:

  • Decreased sex drive
  • Infertility
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED), unable to sustain an erection
  • Insomnia, fatigue, depression
  • Reduced muscle mass, increased body fat

These symptoms might also be an indication of high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes. Certain tests can be taken in order to rule out these possibilities.

Treatment for Low Testosterone

Some health professionals believe testosterone therapy can help men experiencing ED and others suggest hormone replacement therapy can help men who are showing symptoms of male menopause. Still, others believe that testosterone treatment should be administered to older men even when no signs of male menopause are present. It’s always best to discuss your options with your doctor before proceeding with any kind of treatment. If you want to know more about male menopause symptoms, hormone replacement therapy, or are suffering from symptoms you believe are different from life’s natural course, then let’s talk. Schedule an appointment today.