Estrogen – Mind & Mood Check

July 31, 2019
Estrogen – Mind & Mood Check Practical tips and 4-point daily routine The following routine may help you discover your body’s need for estrogen if you’re taking it orally every day. And it's quick and easy to do inside your normal routine - only takes a minute or two! P.S. Once you feel stable and taking the same amount of estrogen, you can look back to this list anytime you feel out of balance. Always remember that one size does not fit all and not everyone experiences life disrupting symptoms. You are uniquely you and often know what’s best for your body. Hot flashes, difficulty falling asleep at night, or morning brain fog before that first cup of coffee are just a few. Remember, some women who don’t feel any changes at all but might need estrogen balancing. No matter if they have too little or too much estrogen. The Estrogen Quick Check
  1. The Breast Check
Feel them. If they feel full, painful, or growing, that generally indicates an imbalance of not enough progesterone to balance the estrogen. If they’ve lost fullness, feel flat or droopy – that might mean you need more estrogen. The status of your breasts is like a yardstick for measuring your dosage of estrogen and progesterone.  Connect with your provider and ask great questions.
  1. The Ring Check
Do you wear rings? If so, how easily do they slip on and off? Difficulty taking your rings off generally indicates excess water retention – again an imbalance between estrogen and progesterone. If your rings come off easily without lotion, then levels might be ok for you.
  1. The Sleep Check
How are you sleeping? Trouble falling asleep, mind racing or get restless during the night? You might not have enough progesterone to balance the estrogen. If you’re awake and drenched with night sweats, your estrogen level is likely too low and its your body’s way of asking for more. Night sweats are hot flashes that occur at night.
  1. Mind & Mood Check
For many women, a clear mind and stable mood are good ways to check on your estrogen levels. Others, may find that their moods and other signs are too subtle to notice. And aren’t able to see or feel enough difference to use them as guides. Not enough estrogen – is your mind a little foggy in the morning? Are you feeling a little down, blah or not like yourself? Or not in good control of your mood? Don’t care how you look? Your estrogen levels might be lower than normal. OR are you feeling uptight, irritated but your mind is clear? Estrogen to progesterone ratio might be off. The Yardstick & How you feel Remember the most important measurement is how you’re actually feeling.  Your body is your yardstick.  You live in your skin and know your body best. You might have unique responses that only you know! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Your body’s ability to sense changes is unique to you. Don’t get discouraged. Remember, some changes may be very subtle and difficult to assess. Only you can make the decision of what’s right for you. Find a specialty provider that knows how to balance hormones and who will LISTEN to you.   References: Natural Hormone Balance for Women by Uzzi Reiss, M.D./O.B. GYN.