Feeling Fluffy?

February 15, 2021
Feeling Fluffy? Your muffin top has grown into a Bundt cake, taking over your inner circle and it’s not going away. There’s no more stretch in the pants, the weight gain is winning, and you just feel fat. You’ve tried yoga, keto, planned fasting, Pilates, gluten free and more. Nothing seems to move that number on the scale in the right direction. So many of us have been there. And those who have don’t like it. Why is it just so difficult to lose weight? We all know that a focus on health with daily movement, a well-developed program for stress reduction and healthy sleep habits makes a positive difference in our overall health. The right amount and right type of food is essential. Better food choices, and portion control are the building blocks in any successful weight loss program. Making time to shop for and prepare healthier meals, taking care of your mind and exercising your body are all good health habits at any time of life. But what if you’ve tried all of those things and it just isn’t working? Most people know that when we are younger, we burn more calories, and we can eat more without gaining weight. We all remember those endless portions of calorie rich food in our youth, happily covering our plates.  Gone are those days of plenty and now a good whiff of a French fry packs on a few pounds. We wonder, is it our older age at play again or is there is something more we can do to help reach our weight loss goals? Many factors figure into the rate of the speed at which our bodies metabolize or burn the energy the food we eat creates. Our age affects several factors that contribute to weight gain over time. As we get older, muscle mass decreases and the levels of hormones in our bodies change. Our reproductive hormones shift into lower gears. We’re naturally a little less active as we age, and that can add to weight gain. Daily stress and your environment also create changes in the hormone levels in our body. Stress can disrupt your hormone hormone balance, contributing to obesity, insomnia, low energy or even a decreased sex drive. Hormone disorders that affect your hormone levels can also make it more difficult for you to lose weight. Under stress, your body produces more cortisol, and that increase can make it difficult to shed the stubborn pounds. Thyroid hormone keeps your metabolism running and imbalances like an underactive thyroid, can cause your balance of hormones to shift, leaving you feeling sluggish and causing you to gain significant weight. Progesterone and estrogen imbalances from post-pregnancy, perimenopause, menopause or an endocrine disorder, all can sabotage your weight loss goals and leave you frustrated. Disturbances in sleep from hormone fluctuations and stress can affects your quality and quantity of restorative sleep. Stepping up exercise in our daily routine has been shown to have positive effects on the amount and type of hormones your body produces. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy at MedStudio® helps balance your body’s hormones to bring you back to a more natural, youthful state and, increase energy, improve sleep and finally shed those extra pounds. Schedule your free consultation at MedStudio’s private medical clinics today.