Low T & Hormones 101

October 16, 2019
For MEN - Hormones 101 Hormones are your body’s most underrated helpers and the importance of them are often ignored. (And yes, unbalanced hormones is NOT just a thing for the ladies.) Hormones are important for your mood, libido, immune system and more. We all have important hormones that help your body systems - from growth hormones to insulin to regulating your heartbeat. TESTOSTERONE Did you know that an average man’s testosterone levels decrease 1-2% each year? Often called a mid-life crisis, Low T, or manopause. This means that by the time you’ve reached your 40’s, you’ve lost almost half of your hormones. When your testosterone levels start to change – so can your quality of life. Testosterone affects your reproductive system, muscle mass and many other systems. Unbalanced hormones affect other areas of your life such as:
  • Difficulty getting erections
  • Decreased libido
  • Lower energy
  • Depression
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Decrease in body fat
  NHT for Low T When it comes to unbalanced hormones & Low T - there is hope. There are natural methods which can help improve your hormone levels. You can get your hormone levels back into balance & feeling better! Natural Hormone Therapy is a safe way of reducing the effects of andropause. We believe hormone health & wellness can be achieved naturally and want to help you get there. Experience MedStudio No matter where you are on your hormone balance journey, we’re here to guide you. We offer safe, natural therapies and treatment options for unbalanced hormones. You don’t have to suffer in silence or let your hormones control your life. Give us a call at 952-807-0415 to schedule your free 30 min discovery session today.