Med Studio: Your Best Choice in Hormone Replacement Therapy

February 14, 2018
February is also known as the American Heart Month. So, as you are decorating with red paper hearts and pun-emblazoned candy hearts, it’s important to focus on your actual heart, and all the benefits hormone replacement therapy can offer to protect it. Post and Premature Menopausal Women and the Risk of Heart Disease The American Heart Month focuses on the importance of taking care of your heart health since cardiovascular disease—which includes heart disease and stroke—continues to be the leading global cause of death each year. Hormone replacement therapy can actually help reduce the risk of heart disease and hot flashes for post- and pre-menopausal women. One of the many symptoms of menopause include a shift in hormones that induce, among other things, hot flashes and cardiac imbalances. Women who are going through menopause or having early ovarian failure have an increased risk of heart disease because of hormonal imbalances. The Med Studio hormone replacement therapy clinic offers a variety of estrogen and progestin therapies to help protect and promote cardiovascular health. Ways to reduce the risk of heart disease include:
  • Short-term hormone replacement therapy
  • Minimizing medication intake
  • Regular exercise
  • Healthy diet
  • Cease smoking
  • Consult with a hormone therapy specialist about genetic risk factors
Remember, it’s imperative to start thinking about your heart health if you are experiencing either pre- or post-menopausal symptoms. Our trained specialists will help educate you, so you are fully aware of each factor contributing to the health of your heart and ways to reduce your risk of heart disease. Schedule an appointment at our clinic and then join our community on Facebook. The heart is a powerful part of your body’s system—keep it healthy so you can live the fullest life possible.