Migraines & Menopause

August 12, 2020

Migraines can be very frightening and may result in having to lie still for hours. For many women, it’s just a painful headache. Other symptoms may include disturbed vision,sensitivity to light, sound and smells, feeling sick or vomiting.

It has long been recognized there is a close relationship between female sex hormones and migraines. Studies suggest the time just before your period when a migraine attack occurs can be the results of falling estrogen levels in the later phase of the menstrual cycle.

Around half of women with migraines say their menstrual cycle directly affects the severity of their migraines. However, the whole menstrual cycle – not just your period – is associated with biological changes. Estrogen and progesterone, and the physical and chemical processes which go with them, have a widespread effect on your body. Because hormone levels fluctuate, migraines may become more frequent and severe during peri-menopause, the years leading up to menopause.

If migraines are disrupting your daily activities, work life, personal life,or interfering with your quality of life – ask for help.

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