Passion & Performance

November 20, 2019
Did you know that 1 in 4 people over age 30 have hormone problems? As you age your natural hormone levels start to dip lower. And if you’re more stressed, the symptoms often worsen. More and more people can’t get help with traditional medicine. In the Bedroom Life’s too short to have hormone problems and hormone problems are no fun. Especially in the bedroom. Sex drive (or libido) is often the term used for your enthusiasm towards sexual activity. Depending on what type of sex drive you and your spouse have, it will naturally ebb and flow. In general, lack of a sex drive isn’t an issue unless it’s affecting your relationship. But if there’s a sudden decrease in sex drive, or an ongoing problem performing in the bedroom, it might be from unbalanced hormones. Any of these symptoms sound familiar?
  • Varying period cycle lengths – not like clockwork anymore
  • Changes in heaviness of periods
  • Severe PMS symptoms – maybe now only 1 week out of the month “is okay”
  • Mood changes – like on a roller coaster ride and you didn’t buy a ticket
  • Loss of sex drive – “please don’t touch me”
  • Trouble sleeping – sleep for 2 hours, then awake or toss & turn for rest of night
  • Anxiety – little things cause big issues, highway driving is difficult, it’s illogical
  • Trouble making decisions – brain fog
  • Feeling of “I’ve lost my edge” and “I’ve lost my mojo
  • Loss of muscle tone decreased strength and stamina
  • Loss of sex drive and/or erectile dysfunction
   A Natural Medical Solution that Works When it comes to low sex drive, passion & performance in the bedroom  – there is always hope. You were designed for more. There are natural methods that can help improve your sex drive, hormone levels and reduce your symptoms. You can get your hormone levels back into balance & your body feeling better! Natural hormone therapy along with good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is a safe way of reducing the effects of menopause and andropause. We believe hormone health & wellness can be achieved naturally and want to help you get there. Experience MedStudio No matter where you are on your hormone balancing journey, we’re here to guide you. We offer safe, natural therapies and treatment options for unbalanced hormones. You’ll get to feel better and add spark back to your love life. You don’t have to suffer in silence anymore or let your hormones take control your life. Call at 952-807-0415 to schedule your free 30 min discovery session today.