TRT Weight Gain — Can Testosterone Make You Gain Weight?

October 24, 2021
Meta Description: If you’re having trouble losing weight and retaining muscle mass, testosterone therapy might be a recommended treatment -- learn more If you’re considering testosterone replacement therapy, TRT weight gain might occur for a short period of time because of water retention, but low levels of testosterone cause weight gain which is why the vast majority of people on TRT will experience weight loss during treatment. Testosterone, like all of your body’s hormones, has a complex and wide-ranging effect on your body’s systems. In addition to regulating a man’s fertility and bone mass, it also affects fat distribution and how you build and maintain muscle mass. Although testosterone levels naturally decline as you age, some younger men also experience low levels of testosterone. A simple blood test can determine whether someone has Low T.

Testosterone and Fat Cells

Fat cells, contrary to popular belief, act like other organs by secreting chemicals that send signals to other parts of the body. One enzyme fat cells produce, aromatase, turns testosterone into estrogen resulting in a hormonal imbalance that increases body fat. Low testosterone also affects where fat is stored in the body. Oftentimes Low T will increase belly fat, which increases your risk for heart disease. Testosterone and Maintaining Muscle Men with Low T have a difficult time building and maintaining muscle mass, and muscle helps you regulate weight gain. Muscle requires more energy to exist which is provided in the form of calories.  The more muscle one has, the more calories one will burn. When testosterone declines so does the amount of muscle which causes a slow down in metabolism. This progression makes it difficult for men to lose fat even when they’re exercising and eating right. Simply put, the cycle is that body fat creates more body because it continues to decrease levels of testosterone without which you can’t lose weight. Research on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and Weight Loss Studies have found that long-term TRT was associated with sustained weight loss. In one particular study, men with Low T were given the option of receiving TRT. Those who took the injections lost an average of 20% of their body weight while those who declined TRT gained weight. The study suggests that bringing testosterone to healthy levels can help those with Low T or hypogonadism. If you want to know more about testosterone replacement therapy or are suffering from symptoms you believe are different from life’s natural course, then let’s talk. Schedule an appointment today.