What is a weightloss plan that will work?

July 31, 2018
Did you know that America has the highest percentage of overweight people in the world? In a study by the University of Washington, it was estimated that 160 million Americans are overweight, including 60% of women and nearly three quarters of men. Now, this is caused by numerous social and genetic factors, but the issue is still the same: how do you lose weight safely and keep it off? Even though Minnesota is one of the healthiest states, it also has one of the widest economic gaps in weight gain, according to an article in the Star Tribune. Get a better understanding of obesity facts in Minnesota with this chart. Being overweight can lead to numerous health issues which is why it’s imperative to find a way to lose weight safely. Not every weight loss program, or crazy diet works on everyone. While weight loss fads like the Keto Diet, Juicing, or CrossFit promise life changing results, they aren’t always sustainable because they don't match everyone’s unique physiology or disposition. This means you could lose weight but struggle to keep it off. Moreover, these diet fads could be missing the heart of the issue: hormonal imbalance.

Lose Weight Safely With MedStudio

MedStudio’s revolutionary HCG diet helps you lose weight safely and gives you lasting results. This fat loss program combines a low calorie diet with HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) injections, aka natural hormone therapy, in programs ranging from 28-90 days. If your body is going through hormone deficiency or imbalance, it can lead to weight gain. The HCG adds pro-hormones which re-balances your body to aid in losing weight safely. While the hormones themselves won’t make you lose weight, they will help change how you lose the weight while using MedStudio’s medically supervised diet and exercise program. Benefits of the HCG Diet:
  • Regulates Appetite
  • Protects Muscle Mass
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Maintains Weight Loss Post-Treatment
  • Protects Your Heart
  • Lose Weight Safely
Learn more about how MedStudio’s natural hormone therapy can help you lose weight safely, and make sure to contact us, today, to set up your free consultation.