What to Expect at MedStudio Minneapolis-St Paul

July 1, 2022

What To Expect When Visiting Med Studio’s Hormone Replacement Clinic

The balance of hormones in the human body affects everything from moods, ability to handle stress, weight (gain or loss), muscle mass, stamina, overall health, and sexual desire. Keeping these hormones in balance can often be fragile, and an imbalance is acutely felt.

As men and women age, hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone for both men and women face a natural decline.

In women, this decline is often swift and brings about what is known as menopause. The average age of menopause is 51 but can occur naturally between 40 and 59. Peri-menopause can occur 2 - 20 years before menopause, and symptoms can be mild to severe. Menopause officially marks the end of a woman’s child-bearing years. Some signs of perimenopause and menopause include:

●     Insomnia or sleep disturbances

●     Irregular periods

●     Mood swings, depression, anxiety

●     Decline in stamina/fatigue

●     Hot flashes, night sweats

●     Low libido or sex drive

●     Difficulty gaining weight or difficulty losing weight

●     Dry skin

●     Painful intercourse

In men, andropause or low T is when a man’s testosterone drops below a significant level. This is often referred to as “Low T.” Men’s testosterone levels start dropping somewhere in their 30s. The decline is typically much less noticeable until their 50s. But symptoms can still be uncomfortable and often include such things as:

●     Irritability

●     Lack of energy

●     Trouble concentrating

●     Depression, anxiety

●     Insomnia

●     Loss of muscle mass and stamina

●     Weight gain (especially in the belly region)

●     Erectile Dysfunction or ED

●     Decline in sex drive

For women and men, these changes can be as uncomfortable as unwelcome. There are healthy lifestyle practices that may help relieve some of these symptoms. Still, suppose you are experiencing moderate to severe effects of menopause or andropause (low T). In that case, you may have considered consulting a hormone specialist like those at MedStudio, on methods to alleviate some of these symptoms.

A traditional medical practice cannot always help with moderate to severe symptoms of hormonal imbalances. Whereas there was little help with these conditions years ago, hormone replacement therapy now offers natural methods based on medical science so that people can feel healthier and happier throughout their lives. Natural hormone therapy in the form of pellets has been around in the United States since the late 1930s.

At Med Studio, a team of Bio-Identical Natural Hormone (NHT) Specialists who are board-certified Advanced Practice Registered Nurses will walk you through the step-by-step process to determine your specific needs and help you design a hormone treatment or sexual wellness plan that’s right for you.

At our Women’s Health Clinic and Men’s Health Clinic in Minneapolis-St. Paul, we will tailor your therapy based on your medical history, current lab work, and medical evaluation with one of our qualified medical providers.

Treatment options like Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT):

Step 1 - Your Questions Answered

The first step is figuring out whether you would be a possible candidate for receiving bio-identical natural hormone replacement therapy. You would start with a FREE 30-minute Health Services visit, including completing a questionnaire and then visiting with a Health Services Educator to learn more and help point you to the services you may want.

There is nothing like talking to someone who will listen to you about your questions and concerns. You will get to ask questions to help you understand if MedStudio is the right place for you. This part of the educational visit is FREE (30 minutes or so), and there is no pressure or obligation.

Step 2 - Lab Blood Tests and Medical Provider Visit

Suppose you decide you'd like to move forward. In that case, testing options will be explained and most often can be completed on the same day. A follow-up in-office visit will be scheduled with one of the APRNs approximately one week later (depending on the type of testing - some results can take longer). Natural hormone replacement therapy might be part of your treatment plan. And you will feel confident about moving forward if you choose.

During the provider visit, you and the medical provider will review the questionnaire and discuss the details of your concerns and your lab results. Preliminary solutions can be offered.

Step 3 - Program Assessment

Once the lab results have been evaluated and the test results have been discussed with you, a tailored hormone replacement therapy program can be designed to address your needs.

Every form of derived natural hormones is compounded specifically for each patient. This means every bio-identical type of therapy is created and prepared by a licensed pharmacist to fit your individual needs. While some medications come in oral or cream form, others, including estrogen and testosterone, can be injected or come in pellets that are inserted under the skin. You may also be encouraged to make healthy lifestyle changes including nutrition, sleep, movement, and stress reduction.

Additional or ongoing testing such as food intolerance or sensitivity, micronutrients, gut health, stool, cardiometabolic, hormones, and hair analysis may be needed and or repeated regularly to ensure you receive the optimal hormone balancing. You may be a candidate for GAINSWave and P-shot or FemiWave and Oshot and your provider may suggest or discuss those options as well.

Step 4 - Follow Up Visits

Once the treatment and care begin, your blood will be tested to determine any changes. Your therapy provider will personally review the results, create discussions with you, check-in on your progress, and address any concerns you may have so that your treatment plan can be adjusted accordingly.

If you are a woman experiencing moderate to severe symptoms with perimenopause, menopause, or a man with low T symptoms that might be caused by low testosterone, then let’s talk.

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