Younger Men and Low T - What You Can Do About It

August 31, 2022

While some men seem to age quickly, others remain fit and active no matter how old they get. However, losing muscle, slowing down, and having less energy is not as inevitable as it once was.

Having healthy levels of testosterone is essential for men to maintain their physical and emotional health. We now know that men in their 30s begin producing less testosterone and may suffer from what is referred to as low T.

Low T is associated with several health conditions, including heart disease and diabetes. But since testosterone levels vary between different men, it can be difficult to determine when hormone levels are negatively affecting you.

If you’re concerned you might have low T, read on to find out more.

Symptoms of Low T

Symptoms to watch out for if you think you have low T include:

●      Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection

●      Low sex drive

●      Reduced semen production

●      Fatigue and insomnia

●      Hair loss

●      Weight gain around the abdomen

●      Reduced strength or muscle mass

●      Depression and/or irritability

Just having one of these symptoms may not be a result of low t, but if you’re displaying several of these symptoms, you might want to contact a health practitioner to have your hormone levels checked.

Some conditions caused by low T like atherosclerosis, insulin resistance, and decreased bone density don’t have any outward symptoms at all but still pose a serious health risk. These symptoms may also indicate other problems, so it’s important to get yourself checked out.

Low T and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

For younger men in their 30s, and beyond, who are experiencing unnaturally low levels of testosterone, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can restore healthy T levels which can help you maintain muscle strength, a healthy sex drive, and protect you against health risks.

The hormones used for BHRT are made from completely natural material and have an identical molecular structure to those hormones your own body produces. Unlike medications that have innumerable side effects, BHRT is a natural and holistic approach.

As mentioned above, testosterone production in men begins to slow down in their 30s, this natural decline happens at about 1% each year. But if you’re suffering from some of the above-outlined symptoms, you might need to seek a health professional.

If you want to know more about low T and what to do about it, then let’s talk.

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