GAINSWave & Treatment for ED

September 18, 2019
GAINSWave® What is GAINSWave®? GAINSWave is THE brand of shockwave therapy. It's used to treat erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, and optimize sexual performance. GAINSWave focuses on treating the root cause: blood flow. And it yields long-term results. Treatment is all-natural, non-invasive. How does it work? Over time, a guy's blood flow decreases, sensitivity isn’t as strong, and blood vessels become thin. GAINSWave uses high-frequency low-intensity shockwaves to rejuvenate the aged area. These shockwaves help dissolve micro-plaque. Growth factors are stimulated. And new blood vessels develop. What to Expect? A single session lasts about 20 minutes. 6- 12 GAINSWave sessions are recommended. They can get you on the road to enhanced sexual performance. Our providers use a specific patented method designed for patient safety. With a 75% + success rate, patients reported harder, stronger, and more sustainable erections. Treatment is all-natural, non-invasive, and safe for patients with health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction Erectile dysfunction affects millions worldwide. Classified as a man’s inability to maintain an erection that is hard and long enough to perform sexual intercourse. GAINSWave treats the root cause of erectile dysfunction by addressing poor blood flow. Through the use of shockwave therapy micro-plaque is dissolved, new blood vessels develop, and growth factors are stimulated. These improvements to the penis result in harder, more sustainable erections. Treatment for Sexual Enhancement Everyone knows guys are always interested in ways to improve their sexual performance. GAINSWave is a proven, non-invasive treatment that produces better erections, increased sex drive, and peak sexual performance.