Mid Life Crisis & How to Be a Better Man: Valentine’s Day Love Message

February 12, 2020
Mid Life Crisis & How to Be a Better Man: Valentine’s Day Love Message Ok, this blog is adapted from our good friend Darren Hardy. Everyone’s heard of the “male mid-life crisis.” When men start to question everything single thing they do and every decision they make and who’s to blame. For example, questions like these:
  • Should I buy a Porsche or a Corvette?
  • What does it mean to 'Be a Man' in the 21st Century?
  • Is it different now?
  • What has changed?
  • What hasn't?
  • What are my duties - as a man?
  • To society? to women? to other men?
  • In the community? the home? and the office?
  • Am I living up to those duties?
  • Where am I failing?
  • Where can I be better?
When your man goes down a long dark rabbit hole of introspection, sits in his man cave for 3 weekends in a row (thinking or what?) and finally comes out. The family rejoices! And of course, after they’ve consulted with their best advisors, and no, it’s NOT the dog. They had the courage to ask the women in their life for answers. To give honest feedback and fast.  (careful what you wish for…you might get it!) And the women in Darren’s life did just that – straight to the point and not what he expected. Some of the answers he didn’t even like. As a husband, friend and leader:
  • How am I doing?
  • How am I behaving?
  • Am I meeting the expectations of my role?
  • As a husband, friend, leader and father for some?
  • WHERE can I be better?
  • HOW can I be better?
BUT after his inward journey, and getting a different perspective on life, * and being told honestly from the women he asked* – the answers he found rocked his world. Discovered insights so profound they started a fire for a mid-life change for good instead. And once a “crisis” it now became a rebirth! AND it made him man feel more empowered like never before in his life. Here’s his series that started it all – just in time for Valentine’s Day! We wanted to share Darren’s insights & experiences with you or the man in your life. Darren’s three episode mini-series titled HOW TO BE A BETTER MAN” HOW TO BE A BETTER MAN (It is a journey through modern-day manhood... And what it means to 'Be a Man': In the community. In the home, and In the office.) We hope what you’ll learn will be enlightening. You can find the three-part series here: BetterManTraining.com We hope it inspires you; as it has the men in our lives. ~~~ From all of us on the MedStudio Team This Valentine’s Day – Please send this to all the men you know: BetterManTraining.com