Migraines & Hormones Problems

January 1, 2020
1 in 4 people over age 30 have hormone problems. More and more people can’t get help with traditional medicine. As you get older, your natural hormone levels start to drop. Your body doesn’t have any more hormones stored to pull from, so you start to feel bad and lose your edge. For some people, hormone problems & migraines cause a lot of damage to daily work and life. Types of migraines/headaches:
  • Migraines - with or without Aura
  • Cluster
  • Tension
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia
  • Proximal Hemicranial
  • Post Herpetic Opthalmicus
  • Occipital Neuralgia
  • Atypical Facial Pain
  • Secondary and Other Headaches
Many people have said, “I could deal with the headache if it was minor and ‘one & done.’” For others, the long-term effects & problems are overwhelming. A few stats from The American Migraine Study II: Ages of 35 and 55 91% miss work or can’t function normally during migraine attack 70% of all migraine sufferers are women 69% have consulted a physician at some time seeking treatment for migraine pain 63% have one or more migraine attacks monthly 59% missed family or social events 51% said migraines cut in half their work or school productivity Almost half of all migraine sufferers haven’t been diagnosed 49% said they had to restrict activities for at least one day during a migraine episode 47% of people who have symptoms that meet the guidelines to be diagnosed with migraines thought they had a tension headache, sinus headache or another type of headache 25% have one or more migraines a week 24% have gone to the emergency room because the migraine pain was so severe This study proves migraines aren’t rare. So, why do they happen? Migraines & Hormone Problems Since the 1960’s there’s been a connection between certain hormone imbalances and migraines.[1] Estrogen has been prescribed in various forms for the treatment of migraines & menopausal hormones. Many times, people don’t see the pattern to connect hormones and migraines. You don’t have to suffer in silence. When it comes to hormone problems and how you’re feeling – there is always hope. You were designed for more. There are natural methods which can help improve your headaches, migraines, improve moods, and help balance your hormone levels. You can get your hormone levels back into balance & your body feeling better! We believe hormone health & wellness can be achieved naturally. We want to help you get there. The MedStudio Difference & Our Process Did you know a visit with a traditional health care provider is normally under 10 minutes and costs you $68-$234? [2] We believe wholistic health care should help you feel empowered about your health in every way. So, you can feel better and get that special spark back in your life. Our process is simple:
  • We offer a 30-minute free discovery session for you to come in and learn more about how MedStudio might be able to help with your hormone health issues.
  • Choose a plan that’s right for you based on your needs.
  • Get back to feeling like you again.
  • We don’t just care about hormone problems. We care about you.
Natural Medical Solutions that Work Menopause & Andropause: Natural Hormone Therapy (and with some movement & good nutrition, of course!) is a safe and alternative way of solving your migraines & hormone problems. Weight Loss: You’re busy. We get it. Your lifestyle & nutrition plays a big role in your migraines, hormone problems, and how your body responds to stress. We know that nutrition and food are important. We offer a medically monitored hCG Weight Loss program, and food sensitivity testing. To help you be to the best version of YOU in 2020! Anti-Aging & Rejuvenation: Feeling the winter blues? Get a Nutritional IV to boost your system’s response to the cold & flu season. Experience MedStudio No matter where you are on your hormone balancing journey, we’re here to help. We offer safe, natural therapies and treatment options for migraines & hormone problems. You’ll get to feel better and add that special spark back to your life. You don’t have to suffer in silence or have your migraines & hormone problems take over your life. Call 952-807-0415 today or click here to schedule your free 30 min discovery session.  
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[2] https://www.debt.org/medical/doctor-visit-costs/