NHT & Weight Loss that's Safe

October 2, 2019

NHT & Weight Loss that's Safe

Did you know that natural hormone therapy (NHT) has many other health benefits besides just “help”?
It’s true!
When combined with a medically monitored hCG weight loss program it helps with losing weight safely & healthily.
Most traditional weight loss programs ask you to do strict exercise, be on a specific meal plan to eliminate certain foods. The traditional way of weight loss can be difficult on your body for little to no results.
Natural hormone therapy, when combined with hCG - is one of the most effective fat loss solutions.
At MedStudio, our medically monitored hCG weight loss program helps and supports your body with safe, sustainable weight loss.

Benefits of NHT plus our hCG weight loss program:

• Decreased Appetite
• Helps with harder to figure out areas like: thighs, stomach, buttocks & arms
• Long-Lasting Weight Loss
• Long Lasting Health Benefits
• Renewed Energy
• Balanced Mood
• Regular check-ins and supervision by a MedStudio board-certified medical staff member
Just for you Programs – tailored to your body
• Healthy & Rapid Fat Loss
Here at MedStudio, a private medical clinic, we're here to help guide you through your hormone balancing & weight loss journey.
We’ll help you start and provide solutions and holistic lifestyle changes so you can feel like yourself again.
Our medically monitored hCG weight loss program, combined with NHT, incorporates a healthy range of caloric intake based on your needs.
Typical weight loss results** might be up to 1/2 to 2/3 pounds each day for women and 1 pound per day for men.
While most other weight loss programs can cause more stress to your body systems and heart; NHT and hCG may actually help protect it.
** No therapy will be prescribed unless clinical need exists and is determined based on lab work, medical provider consultation and a complete and current medical history. Beginning lab work and a physical exam does not guarantee a finding of medical necessity for any treatment. No testimonial on this website is intended nor should be construed as medical advice or diagnosis.
**While these results are typical, your individual results may vary.