Not Feeling Your Mojo

March 21, 2019
Not Feeling Your Mojo? At times, finding your mojo can be a challenge. No matter how hard you try, you can't seem to summon your inner power. You may be an executive man with a high profile position, lots of power to delegate and confidence that should allow you to accomplish anything. Despite those realities, you're feeling a little less than your best. It may not be you! It may be low levels of testosterone in your system.   What are the symptoms of Low Testosterone? Low levels of testosterone can sneak up on you without warning. You can be feeling great and winning at work and at home. Then a few weeks later you notice less drive to succeed. Maybe you are inexplicably moody, or you're not quite as strong at the gym. Perhaps your wife's sexy outfit that used to drive you crazy left you flat this time. It might be that you're having trouble sleeping or making decisions. All of these are symptoms of LowT.   What causes Low T? A drop in testosterone levels (especially in younger men) may be caused by some illnesses, disease or pituitary gland problems. Genetic causes can also impact testosterone levels. Trauma and steroid use have also been shown to affect hormones. Usually, the reason is normal aging which causes a gradual decrease in testosterone. Men's testosterone levels peak during puberty and gradually start to decline around age 30. Often the effects of LowT are not felt until men are in their 50s. Even though decreasing testosterone is a natural part of aging, there are several things you can do to improve the way you are feeling. Recognizing your symptoms allows you to take control and improve your situation.   How do I combat LowT? Depending on your age and health, combating LowT may be as easy as losing weight, eating healthier and increasing your exercise. A food sensitivity test or nutrition coaching could help you achieve your desired results more quickly. Also, decreasing the stress in your life can also impact your bodies production of testosterone. Consider making lifestyle changes to improve your health and happiness. Often men dealing with LowT find the best benefits from Natural Hormone Therapy. NHT works to restore and optimize your testosterone levels. This safe treatment usually helps men feel younger, stronger, have more energy and find their "mojo." If that seems too extreme, IV nutrition therapy can be incredibly helpful for a short term fix. Quick and easy with lasting results, Myers, Energy or Recovery IV therapies are very popular. Call us today to schedule a consultation and let Med-Studio help uncover the best version of you!