June 13, 2019


When symptoms show up, many women go to their family doctor or mental health professional only to be told it’s a normal part of aging. Did you know that in the U.S. traditional medicine related to hormone health is about 50 years behind the times? Many medical experts may not be able to help with unbalanced hormones. It’s not that they don’t want to help... they got very little if any education in medical school about natural hormones. Let's look at one example of what unbalanced hormones might look like: A 44 year old woman isn’t sleeping well, has night sweats, low libido, and lost her joy for life. Worried and nervous when awake, yet can't sleep at night. Normal daily tasks (like driving and errands) stress her out, not to mention driving during road construction. She’s been in the ER a few times for panic attacks with unknown cause. She goes to her family doctor. They don’t listen but recommend anti-anxiety medication.  She leaves the pharmacy discouraged, knowing something isn’t right. Sometimes these medications help. But often, they lower a woman's sex drive and decrease her ability to have an orgasm. (Wouldn't an orgasm which gives our bodies lovely endorphins, be a good thing?) What else could be wrong? Many women share stories they're prescribed anti-anxiety medication to treat hot flashes. Recent studies show using this type of medication might be helpful with hot flashes, but doesn't treat the cause of the actual symptoms. (Now your body might rely on them to function, which creates other side effects that cancel each other out.)

A Natural Solution That Works

Balancing your hormones is like a puzzle. The one-size-fits-all approach often doesn’t work. Synthetic hormones are almost like hormones produced in our bodies – but not identical.

“Research indicates synthetic hormones vary clinically in safety and effectiveness, and when scientists look at a synthetic hormone on the molecular level, they can see a part of it that doesn’t match.”21

Under a microscope, synthetic hormones are like a puzzle piece that tries to fit into place – on all sides but one. Natural hormones (sometimes called bio-identical or derived natural) are different than synthetic.

Under a microscope, a scientist can see the chemical structure on the molecular level is an exact bio-identical match with those produced in the human body.”22

This means they fit together! References:

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