I Want a Natural Solution That Works

July 11, 2019
I Want a Natural Solution That Works NATURAL VS. SYNTHETIC HORMONE THERAPY There is much confusion over what type of hormone therapy to use: natural or synthetic. What should you do? Hormone balancing is like a puzzle. The one-size-fits-all approach sometimes doesn’t work. Synthetic hormones are like hormones produced in our bodies – but not identical.

“Research indicates synthetic hormones vary clinically in safety and effectiveness, and when scientists look at a synthetic hormone on the molecular level, they can see a part of it that doesn’t match.”21

Synthetic hormones are like a puzzle piece that tries to fit into place – on all sides but one. Natural hormones are different than synthetic. Sometimes they are called bio-identical or derived natural.

“Under a microscope, a scientist can see the chemical structure on the molecular level is an exact bio-identical match with those produced in the human body.”22

On a cell level, natural hormones fit best inside our bodies. It’s important to recognize that you live in your skin and you know what your body needs. For some women, synthetic hormones might work. (For others, the side effects don’t outweigh the benefits.) And these women find that natural hormone therapy is a better fit. A Natural Solution  - NHT Natural hormone therapy (NHT) may help you to love your life again. As a result, you might make your intimate relationships better. Even advance your career, and feel like yourself again! Remember, when your three important levels are ideal: EstrogenYou feel like you again! Your skin glows, your mind clears, and your sensuality returns. ProgesteroneYour “PMS dragon” disappears, sleep is sweet, and emotions stabilize. You wake up happy. You’re calm again, cravings diminish, and you feel in harmony with yourself and others. TestosteroneYour self-confidence and strength return. Your energy and zest for life returns. Libido improves, focus and memory restores, weight is easier to manage, and there’s a spring in your step. Do some research of your own and then decide what’s best for you!    
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