Sex Life With Kids at Home

May 16, 2021

It is all too common for couples to have a decreased sex life after having kids, but a healthy sex life is an integral part of any healthy relationship and shouldn’t be ignored as you navigate the waters of parenthood.

Your Sex Life After Having a Child

Nothing is perhaps more stressful than having to adjust your life after having a child. Women will have to recover from childbirth, will experience hormonal shifts, and will sometimes be simply exhausted.

During this time both parents will find they are less likely to be romantic or interested in sex, and women might struggle to make time for their spouse as their priorities shift to breastfeeding and bonding with their child.

Dads might also struggle as well if they feel pressure to protect and provide for their family. 

Engaging in meaningful activities that keep you connected to your spouse after you have kids will be key in sustaining a healthy relationship.

Building Habits that Build Connection

The more emotionally connected you are to your partner, the better your sex life is going to be. The trust that comes from feeling connected to each other will help you both to rely on one another as you deal with the stress that comes with parenting.

You might want to plan a morning routine where you spend time as a family together by feeding and taking care of the baby. You both should also take a genuine interest in what’s going on in each other’s lives so your spouse feels supported.

These everyday occurrences help build and maintain a strong connection with your partner that will also give intimacy to your sex life.

Keeping Sexual Desire Alive

Keeping your sexual desire alive doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be physical. Talking about the things that each other likes to do, or expressing appreciation for each other, can strengthen the foundations of sexual desire.

Other intimate moments you might consider to help improve your sex life could be giving your partner a light shoulder massage at the end of a day or taking a relaxing bath or shower together.

Having someone babysit so you can have regular date nights is always a good technique for fortifying your relationship. Planning time together puts couples on the same page so you’re both actively working toward the same goal: a sense of connection and sexual desire. Learn more about natural hormone replacement therapy and how it can improve the quality of your life.