Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Hormones and Men

Yes! Men have hormones too. Think back to your teenage years and you’ll understand. Here’s another surprise – men also need estrogen, just in smaller amounts, in addition to the standard male testosterone you likely know more about.  Estrogen helps to slow bone loss in both genders, and progesterone is a pre-curser for testosterone – the male sex hormone.  A side note to really blow your mind – women have testosterone hormones as well, in smaller amounts. This just goes to show you how complex our hormone systems really are.

When our hormone system (the endocrine system, specifically) isn’t functioning properly, we suffer from a range of health and medical issues, become more at-risk for serious complications, and generally feel less like ourselves overall.

Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance in Men

While both men and women can have hormonal imbalances, men tend to have similar symptoms but called by different names. This is mainly because of the different levels of hormones produced by each gender. Unfortunately, a hormonal imbalance in men can often go misdiagnosed or may not be properly acknowledged as the underlying cause of another issue.

Common symptoms for men with a hormone imbalance include:

  • Decreased sexual performance/erectile disfunction
  • Low libido/sex drive
  • Weight gain
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Fatigue and/or insomnia
  • Brain fog/difficulty making decisions
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Metabolic syndrome

The only way to know for certain if these symptoms are a cause of hormone imbalance is to check specifically for this issue. It is most commonly performed as a blood test, however can be done through saliva or urine testing as well.

What Causes Hormone Imbalance in Men?

Hormonal imbalances are not caused by just one factor; they are caused by a contribution of multiple factors, both internal and external.

Risk factors that you can control include:

  • Diet – a diet that is high in processed foods is a major culprit
  • Sedentary lifestyle – not getting enough exercise can lead to several major health complications
  • Stress levels – everyday stresses can affect hormone levels drastically
  • Environmental toxin exposure – living in heavily populated cities with human-produced pollution can affect your hormones and create other various health concerns

Risk factors that are out of your control:

  • Genetic disposition – if it runs in your family, may or may not affect you as well
  • Medical history – some medications and health problems contribute to hormonal imbalances, even after you’ve stopped treatment or resolved the issue
  • Age –in men causes a natural degeneration of hormone production that can lead to andropause.
  • Environmental toxin exposure – yes, this is listed under both controllable and non-controllable. You can choose to live away from a pollution-producing factory, but you can’t choose to live away from natural pollutions such as pollen dispersal and organic compound evaporation (rain!).

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men?

Naturally, male hormones typically decline 1-2% annually, and by their mid-forties, many men have lost almost half their prime levels.  Sometimes, called andropause, it’s similar to women experiencing menopause. Men can begin to suffer uncomfortable symptoms from lower testosterone levels caused by andropause.

Whether your symptoms are caused by the natural deterioration of hormones, lifestyle factors, or even factors that are outside of your control, Hormone Replacement Therapy can help you feel great again.

Hormone Therapy Replacement is a proven method to help regain a healthy hormonal balance. When administered properly, Hormone Replacement Therapy for men can bring your hormones back to a healthy and normal state, which will improve your overall health and well-being. When your hormones are at their optimal levels, side effects and symptoms are reduced or reversed.

Common favourable outcomes experienced by men after Bioidentical Hormone Therapy include:

  • Higher levels of energy, motivation and concentration
  • Enhanced sex drive and decreased erectile disfunction
  • Better sleep
  • Increased happiness and reduced depression
  • Increased muscle strength and stamina
  • Healthier metabolic numbers

What is the process?

An appointment begins with a complimentary consultation to learn more and to discuss available options.  Medstudio offers testing for hormones, micronutrients, food intolerances and sensitivities, gut health and much more. Medstudio is staffed with highly qualified nurse practitioners who will also discuss any lifestyle conditions that may be having an impact on your hormone levels and health.
This may include other health conditions, lifestyle habits, stress levels, as well as your personal goals for this treatment. Medstudio creates a personalized treatment plan tailored just for you and your needs.

The methods of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy administration vary, and while certain methods may be recommended by your provider, ultimately the choice is up to you to decide what method they are most comfortable with – creams, gels, injections, pills, pellets.

Patients are empowered and continually supported. You are encouraged to contact MedStudio at any time to schedule an appointment

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