Natural Hormone Therapy

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We help women in menopause and peri-menopause

Hormone problems shouldn't dictate your life. You no longer have to be ignored by your doctor when things don't feel right.

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster and you're frustrated. You know you have hormone problems but your doctor isn't listening, tells you this is "normal" or "just live with it" or doesn't know how to help you - naturally.

We get that. You have lots of questions.

You are not alone. We're here to help so you can feel like yourself again. Schedule your free consultation to learn more.

In the U.S. as we age, hormone changes or imbalances can lead to feeling itchy, crabby, sleepy, sweaty, bloated, forgetful and all dried up. Things like hot flashes, night sweats, trouble sleeping, anxiety, depression, mood swings, brain fog, fatigue, memory loss, decreased libido, and intimacy-related discomfort can make you feel like you're going crazy. And for some women the symptoms can be mild, moderate, or severe and feel like they are taking over your life.

Together, we'll help you navigate this journey and find a better way so you can feel like yourself again.

Schedule your free consultation to learn more.

Natural Hormone Therapy (NHT)

Natural hormone therapy, or bio-identical hormone therapy, is a proven method to help your body regain a healthy balance. The process brings your hormones back to their optimal levels, reducing or even reversing your symptoms!

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

All of our hormone therapy treatments come from natural, plant-based sources, ensuring that your body receives exactly what it needs to get back to normal. Always keeping your comfort level in mind, our treatments are available in many different forms, including creams, gels, injections, pills, or pellets. While specific methods may be recommended by your provider, the choice is ultimately up to you—we want you to feel heard and supported!

Estrogen Hormone Therapy

Estrogen plays a huge part in the body’s overall balance – for both women and men. Based on your individual needs, this therapy is provided in the optimal dosage to give your body the boost it needs to get back to feeling normal. 

Progesterone Therapy

Progesterone is vital to a woman's well-being. In childbearing years, it plays a major role in a woman's ability to conceive and sustain a pregnancy. In addition to this fundamental role, progesterone may provide many protective functions to the body. It has an important role as the great "hormonal harmonizer." It balances estrogen even after childbearing years. And unlike estrogen, the body doesn't overproduce progesterone.

Progesterone is crucial for everything from brain function to skeletal function to libido. If your progesterone levels are too low in regards to your estrogen levels, you may experience sleep disturbances, irritability, anxiety, weight gain, breast swelling and tenderness, itching, bloating, unwanted sweating, loss of memory, and loss of libido.