Ready to reverse PCOS Symptoms?

You know what really got to us? Whenever we talked about our symptoms, it felt like nobody was really listening. It's like they just brushed it off, or worse, told us to just "lose weight." And don't even get us started on being handed the pill like it's the only solution out there.

Did you know that one in ten people worldwide deals with PCOS? It's a huge number, yet it felt like nobody was stepping up to change the game. We were just fed up with the whole system.

So, we decided enough was enough. We believed that Integrative healthcare and PCOS support could be so much more. It's not just about treating symptoms; it's about empowering women with the knowledge to take control of their own health. That's why we're here – to make a difference in the lives of those dealing with PCOS, one step at a time.

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PCOS Symptoms

  • Missed periods, irregular periods, or very light periods
  • Ovaries that are large or have many cysts
  • Excess body hair, including the face, stomach, and back (hirsutism)
  • Weight gain, especially around the belly (abdomen)
  • Acne or oily skin
  • Thinning hair
  • Infertility 
  • Small pieces of excess skin on the neck or armpits (skin tags)
  • Dark or thick skin patches on the back of the neck, in the armpits, and under the breasts

We can help with PCOS

We've got your back! We're not just about throwing some meds your way and calling it a day. Nope, we're all about treating every part of you – your lifestyle, what you eat, how you move, and yeah, we've got some serious medical know-how too.

Say goodbye to bouncing around between different specialists and feeling like your care is all over the place. With us, it's all about bringing everything together in a holistic way, so you can see the big picture of what's happening in your body.

We're not just here to treat symptoms; we're here to support your whole lifestyle. And hey, you're not alone. We've got a whole community cheering you on (ask about the Lighthouse) and supporting you every step of the way. So yeah, welcome to a whole new way of looking after yourself!