Integrative Medicine

Integrative Care Membership

Hey there, aspiring health aficionados and wellness warriors! Ready to join the coolest club in town? Welcome to our integrative medicine care membership – where we're flipping the script on traditional healthcare.

Picture this: instead of boring doctor visits where you feel like just another number on a chart, imagine being part of a community where your health journey feels more like a coffee chat with friends (who know all the answers) than a clinical appointment.

With our membership, you're not just signing up for a bunch of medical mumbo-jumbo. Nope, you're diving headfirst into a world of holistic health, personalized care, and some witty banter along the way.

Think of us as your health squad, your wellness posse, your go-to crew for all things health-related. We're here to guide you, support you, and maybe even crack a few jokes to lighten the mood – because who said taking care of your health had to be so serious?

So, if you're tired of the same old routine and ready to spice things up with a dash of natural holistic medicine magic, then buckle up, buttercup – because this membership is about to take your health game to a whole new level.

Integrative Medicine Minneapolis

Care Membership $99/mo.


✓ Basic Hormone testing annually

Supplement guidance and support via online portal

✓ Online membership site access

✓ FSA & HSA eligible

Feeling a bit lost in the health maze and need someone to chat with? No worries – Click below to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. Let's unravel the mystery together and find the path that's right for you.

Ready to get started?

Alrighty, let's get nosy – in the best possible way, of course! We're itching to uncover the mystery behind how you're feeling. First up on our sleuthing agenda? Scheduling a Lab appointment for some good ol' bloodwork. This isn't your run-of-the-mill blood draw, though. Nope, this is our secret map for unlocking the perfect supplement regimen just for you. Our providers will use the results to paint a clearer picture of what's going on inside and tailor their recommendations accordingly. But wait, there's more! Once you've booked your Lab appointment, keep an eye out for our confirmation email. Inside, you'll find a little something extra – a link to fill out our intake paperwork. It's your chance to spill the beans about yourself and dish out any specific health goals you're itching to achieve. So, get ready to spill the tea (or blood, in this case) – because we're all ears and eager to help you on your health journey!